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History of changes on the site

You have already visited the site and do not want to go to the pages that have changed. Below are the main changes by date. 

January 22, 2022:Ceremony of tribute to the memory of LV FauveCommander of La Minerve at Ploërmel

December 4, 2021: Inauguration  of the "Place de la Minerve found - in memory of Alain Michel" in Ste Foy les Lyons


November 15, 2021:Blessing of the plaque, replica of the one that was placed on the wreck of the Minerva, in the Chapel of the arsenal of Toulon

September 4, 2021:Installation of a commemorative plaque in memory of Gérard Lambert in his hometown, La Vernelle (36600)

19/05/2021 The families of the sailors of La Minerve wanted to mark theirsolidarity with the families affected by the tragedy of the Indonesian submarine Nanggala 402

01/29/2021 Continuation of the reorganization with a modification of the layout of the general menu bar: Commemoration becomes "Remember" . Creation of a page for the53rd anniversary.

01/13/2021 Reorganization of all the pages on thecommemorationsand ceremonies whose increasing number made accessibility problematic.

Deletion of the explanatory pages on the damage to the rear bars, the entry of water by the snorkeler (accident of the Flora) and the visit of the Flora by the Fauve family.

30/10/2020 The page dedicated to the report on thecauses of the accident

04/10/2020 Removal of the "list of missing" page which was double filled with "Crew members"

25/08/2020 Pages dedicated to rissue of patents and pennant at the PMM Jean-François Fortin Port Vendres (66) and at thecommemoration of the 1st anniversary of the discovery of the wreck

05/27/2020 Addition of pages relating to theFinding the Minerva bookand hispress coverage

02/14/2020 Inauguration of a plaque in memory of quartermaster Christian Nicolas atmonument to the dead of Varaignes in the Dordogne

02/13/2020 Deletion and redesign of pages related to the mobilization of families in October 2018 and after whose interest had disappeared. 

02/02/2020 A commemorative plaque is placed on the very wreck of the Minerve during an inhabited dive at a depth of 2250 m. (click here)

01/29/2020Article by Jean Le Tallec​ in the magazine La Baille, n°346 of January 2020, on the measures taken after the accidents of the Minerve, the Eurydice and the Flora.

09/16/2019Gradual posting of speeches from the ceremonies 

06/09/2019 Revision hypothesis "Bar damage"and "Water entry through the snorkel"

Removed Flora accident page

06/09/2019 About theceremony following the discovery of the wreckage

08/14/2019The discovery of the wreckage

07/27/2019Pictures of the wreckage

07/19/2019: Details on theSeabed Constructor

Video of the presentation meeting of thesummer 2019 research campaign

09/07/2019: Minutes of the meeting to present thesummer 2019 research campaign

05/07/2019:The research campaignsummer 2019 through the media

06/14/2019last articlesaround the resumption of research

05/21/2019: For ease of navigation: a general plan of the site.

21/05/2019: Addition of a page on theconsequences of the disappearance of the Minerve and the Eurydice within the Navy

followed by a page orAdmiral Joire-Noulens (1915-2010) evokes the disappearance of these submarines.


25/03/2019 Addition of pages dedicated to the ceremony of40th anniversary of the disappearance of La Minerveet alinauguration of the National Monument to Missing Submariners

02/03/2019 Minutes of the information meeting  for families organized by the Navy on February 27.

01/03/2019 Draft of a page on the consequences of the Daphne submarine accidents within the Navy in the early 1970s.

02/28/2019 Creation of a  FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions*

​24/02/2019 Creation of a slideshow de la Minerve, in particular to respond to frequent requests regarding the observation of the overuse of certain photos. 

02/22/2019: Redesign of the navigation menu to take into account the increase in the number of pages

02/16/2019: The commemoration of51st anniversary of the disappearance of La Minerva

02/07/2019:The resumption of research seen by the media

06/02/2019:Detail of research operations (page deleted)

02/05/2019:The Minister for the Armed Forces Mrs Florence Parly announces the resumption of the search for the wreck of the Minerve

06/01/2019:Letter from Mary Agnus  granddaughter of LV Agnus to Mrs. Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces.

The family ofLV Fauve visits the Florasister ship of La Minerve at the Keroman base in Lorient.

09/12/2018: Written response from the Minister for the Armed Forces, Mrs. Florence Parly, to Mr. Hubert Falco, Mayor of Toulon, who had informed her of the families' request. (page deleted)

Added cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_speech by Katia Friquet  little niece of sailor Jacques M alarm during the inauguration of the street bearing the name of her great uncle on June 9, 2018

28/11/2018: Submarine Day 2018Speech by Admiral Morio de l'IsleofHerve Fauve

 and evocation in themedia

04/11/2018:Publication of the M6 report devoted to the expectations of the families of those missing from La Minerve

Response from Mr. Falco Mayor of Toulon (page deleted)

10/19/2018:Response from Mr. Vitel to the request to resume the search and copy of the letter sent to this effect to the Minister for the Armed Forces (page deleted)

10/18/2018:Press review of articles following the action   of families in favor of a resumption of research  -list of various articles and internet links

Creation of a page onways to search for a wreck in 2018 (page removed)

10/14/2018: The Var-Matin newspaper publishes aopen letter from the families of the missing from La Minervein favor of resuming research 

09/18/2018: Publication of thetranscript of testimoniesbefore the commission of inquiry

Addition of illustrative graphics, kindly produced by Jacques Marquet, to promote understanding of the various accident scenarios:


-Damage to bars

-Other assumptions

08/19/2018: Restructuring of the media pages -centralized access

Enrichment of the chronology on thetriggering the alert 


25/07/2018: Update of thesectional plan of the Minerve with details enlarged detail of the CO & PC 

07/23/2018: Some page updates from Minerve File documents 

07/12/2018:Visit of a delegation of family members of the disappeared to the Defense Historical Servicein Vincennes to consult the archives whose consultation is now authorized


05/07/2018:Banner presentation to the promotion of maitrance Minerve


06/16/2018 : Publication in the official journal: Order of June 4, 2018 establishing a general exemption for the consultation of public archives relating to the disappearance of the submarine "Minerve" on January 27, 1968


9/06/18:Inauguration of the "Rue Jacques M alarm", one of the crew members,  in Wassy in Haute Marne.


05/12/18:Inauguration of the "Rue du Minerve"in Oudeillan in Aude, birthplace of Marcel Coustal 


03/25/18: The declassification of the archives relating to the Minerva

-progress point

-New letter from the General Staff of the Presidency of the Republic

-Call number and location of all the archivesrelating to Minerva

03/21/18:Helm damage hypothesis

03/14/18: The controversies surrounding the silence of the authorities

03/11/2018:The question of resuming research

Rewrite of the "conclusion"

02/25/2018:Addition of individual photos of the 52 missing

02/23/2018:Detail of the research campaign Fall 68-Operation REMINER​


02/20/2018:TV news videos 1968  around research

02/19/2018: Page creation

02/18/2018: 1968 Ceremony Information Video 

01/30/2018: Speeches given for the commemorations in Toulon and Bayeux

01/27/2018:A member of the commission of inquiry testifies

01/01/2018: Creation and launch of the site

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