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Searches summer 1969

During the summer of 1969, the ship "La Recherche" methodically patrolled the entire sector T65, the one assigned to the Minerve for its exercises.

Sounding points of 50m in 50m are made, then over the descent towards the south they space out de 100 m in 100 m before going from 200m in 200m.

The depth of 2000 and more is difficult to investigate. To have a chance of locating the wreckage, it would have to be in one piece. Technically if it is in scattered debris, it would be impossible to spot it. 

When, at the end of the summer, the search stops, the whole area has been searched and no trace of the Minerva has been found.

La Recherche.png

hydrographic building "La Recherche"

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