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References and sources

Study carried out by CC Roger PIOT-CHAPPE in 1974 from the following sources:

  • La Revue Maritime no. 253 of April 1968 - "The loss of the submarine MINERVE" by CA (ER) SACAZE.

  • The Maritime Review no. 264 of April 1969 - Marine Information Note No. 46 of February 27, 1969. "Research for the wreck of the MINERVE" presentation delivered on January 31, 1969 before the Académie de la Marine by Captain SEVAISTRE of the Maritime Staff.

  • Official files of the General Staff of the Navy.

  • Report of the conference of the LV BRUTE DE REMUR at the Naval War School.

  • Information provided by the FAUGERE Crew Officer

Additional information had been communicated to him by friends or taken from official documents with the authorization of Vice-Admiral JOIRE-NOULENS (ALFOST) and Captain GAUTHIER (EMM / MAT / SM)

Document and information collected by Hervé Fauve 


  • Private interview with Mr. Pierre MESSMER, former Prime Minister, Minister of Defense when La Minerve disappeared (October 2003)

  • Presentation by CF KOENIG - Minerva Eurydice: 2 poorly elucidated tragedies - Brest - December 3, 1999

  • Internet exchanges with a former submariner Mr. Pascal LOURDEL in 2001

  • Private memoirs of Admiral Jean CAZENAVE (unpublished - document for his children)

  • "French submarine accidents 1945-1983" cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Georges KEVORKIAN chez Marine Editions

  • The "Minerve" file from the archives of Vincennes

  • Consulting Websites

Audio-visual archives


Consecrated to Minerva




Many other sources will be visible from the page which aims to list all the internet links that lead to individual evocations of each of the missing members of the Minerve crew. To access it clickHERE


I would also like to thank the many people who contributed to enrich this site.

  • By sending me documents

  • By showing me the paths to follow

  • By sending me testimonials

  • By promoting contacts

  • By relaying the content of this site

  • By sharing their interpretation of events with me and helping to improve the content of the site

  • By pointing out errors

  • Giving me ideas

  • Et  simply by supporting me and encouraging me to continue

Many of them asked me to preserve their anonymity

Among those who agree to have their name quoted: 

  • Rear Admiral Jacques BLANC​ 

  • Rear Admiral Dominique SALLES

  • Rear Admiral Jean-Jacques LEIZE

  • Principal Master Mechanic Denis GAUDINEAU

  • Jacques MARQUET for the many illustrations

  • George KEVORKIAN for his technical explanations

  • Jean-Marc PELABON for his technical explanations

  • Jean-Gabriel NEVEU and the site "The Narvalaisefor their active support

  • The sites of the various antennas  of the AGASM

Les accidents de sous-marins
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