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Inauguration of the National Monument to Missing Submariners November 28, 2009 

It was in 2009 that for the first time a monument would recall the memory of the 52 sailors of the Minerve who disappeared 41 years earlier. 

This monument was the result of the initiative of VAE (2S) Philippe DURTESTE, Bernard KURTZEMANN, and Jean-Pierre TROUBOUL

This ceremony is presented in the special issue of Plongée, the AGASM magazine, which you can download by clicking on the icon below.



Photo of the Monument @Isabelle Helmer February 2019

Below are the elements of the monument  relating to the crew of the Minerve. There are unfortunately some spelling mistakes on names.


Minerva plaque @Isabelle Helmer February 2019

Location of the monument in Toulon - The satellite view is blurred because it is a zone militaire


Crew of the Minerve @Isabelle Helmer February 2019

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