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Causes of the disappearance of the Minerva

Opposite, the final report drawn up by Admiral Barbier who dived on the wreck on January 31, 2020 aboard the "Limiting Factor" submarine. On this occasion after having analysed both the images of the wreckage, he approached and looked at the elements he wanted to see closely during 6 hours.

He is the only one to have been able to engage in un tel exam.

Admiral Barbier, former retired submariner officer,  has a long experience of navigation on board many types of submarines including Daphne identical to the Minerva.

He also has expertise in terms of air accident analysis.

He is a Justice Expert at the Court of Appeal of Aix en Provence, approved by the Court of Cassation.

This expertise remains the only one carried out since the discovery of the wreckage. It will probably remain so for a long time to come, because there is no other project in this area.

To read it, right-click on the PDF document.

Interview with Jean-Louis Barbier
Le Télégramme 03-01-2021.jpg
Le Télégramme

Admiral Barbier and Paul Henri Nargeolet aboard the Pressure Drop on February 1, 2020 @SIRPA 

Image 31 1 20.png

Massif de la Minerve during the dive of January 31, 2020 @Victor Vescovo

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