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Excerpts from the testimony of Admiral Joire-Noulens during interviews in 2000-2003

Selected excerpts from the testimony of Admiral Joire-Noulens

The Defense History Department has undertaken work to collect oral testimonies from key witnesses to the history of the Navy.

Among these testimonies we find that of Admiral Albert Joire-Noulens who was notably

  • Commander of the Naval School in 65-67

  • Commander of the submarine forces in 1971.

  • Navy Chief of Staff 74-76

The testimonials opposite evoke certain aspects relating to the Minerve and submarines of the same type.

For his complete career, refer to

Command of the Naval Academy (1965-1967). (track 7) The numerous submariners in his staff – action to get all the promotions on board the submarine – the submarinade chosen by the best students on leaving the Naval Academy – quality of the commander Fauve, maneuver officer

Ecole navale - Amiral Joire-Noulens
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Accidents on conventional submarines and impact on the recruitment and morale of FOST personnel. (track 7) Bad atmosphere in the submarine following the losses of the Minerve and the Eurydice – uncertainties for recruitment based on voluntary work and development of an attrition coefficient for the development of the FOST – role of Admiral Guillou in the selection and training of submariners – evolution of personnel management and increase in manpower within the submarine forces – link between the withdrawal of experienced personnel from the squadrons in order to arm the FOST and accidents on DAPHNEE type submarines – circumstances of the accidents and implementation of stricter safety procedures – memory of a pre-war diving incident – reminder of the causes of the loss of the SNLEUSS Tresher [interrupt] ( 10:03).

Accidents de sous-marins - Amiral Joire-Noulens
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Training and morale of submariners in the United States and France. (track 17) Training of submariners in the US Navy in the context of the very rapid rise in power of nuclear submarine forces – solutions adopted and consequences – French model based on volunteering and prior training on a conventional submarine – reminder on the morale of the submariners and on the loss of the Minerve and the Eurydice – Offices of assistance and advice to families (BACF) – success of the overall care of families by the squadron and the wives of commanders (7:28).

Différences France-US Navy - Amiral Joire-Noulens
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Commander of the submarine forces (ALSOUMAR) January 1971. (track 2)  Initial absence of deputy for the conventional attack submarines – shortcomings and defects observed on the DAPHNEE – the commander Guépin – probable cause of certain accidents – safety measures adopted afterwards (4:53).

Avis sur les Daphnée - Amiral Joire-Noulens
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There are other testimonials at SHD but at the time of posting those above I have not been authorized to obtain a copy. This is due to the fact that some testimonies may include information on aspects which are still considered sensitive today, even if they have nothing to do with the Minerva, wherever the interviewees wished it to be. Thus.

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