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After the ceremony 

After the solemn ceremony  in the presence of the head of state, the families would never again receive any information about Minerva.

On the administrative level, the disappearance of the sailors was officially noted by a judgment of the court of March 22, 1968, which can be considered as rapid. This allowed the families to avoid  the administrative torments often associated with disappearances.

For the army, the crew of the Minerve was " Mort en service commande ".

The legitimate children of sailors were entitled to an education pension, but not to the status of ward of the nation. Illegitimate children, at least 2, were not entitled to anything.

The commander of the LV Fauve was almost the only one to quickly have his name inscribed on the monument to the dead in his hometown, Ploërmel on February 26, 1968. (See HERE)

He owed it to his uncle and godfather, Robert Guillois, who was a municipal councilor there, and son of Louis Guillois, himself grandfather of the commander and former mayor of the city from 1904 to 1952.


Most of the other requests for inscription on the monuments to the dead were rejected, because they were not "Death for France".

Since 2013, such requests could succeed, but it is still up to the families to take steps in this direction.

After 1970 and the disappearance of the Eurydice 2 commemorative steles in memory of the crews of the 4 submarines that disappeared off the Var coast, the SM2326, la Sybille, la Minerve and Eurydice were erected. One in the church of Ramatuelle, the other  in the Camarat semaphore garden.

It will be necessary to wait until 2009 and the inauguration of the National Monument of the Submariners in Toulon so that all the members of the crew have their name engraved on a monument. see here

Ploermel Monument aux morts.jpg

Plaque on the Ploërmel war memorial in Brittany (Photo @Herve Fauve)


Stele of the Camarat semaphore garden Photo @Dominique Collemant

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