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Resumption of the approach of families in the media

Below the page of Var Matin which makes public the process of the families on October 14, 2019. Below the links which show the resumption of this request by the press

Only two elected officials will answer: Mr. Philippe Vitel Vice-president of the PACA Region,  Full member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Advanced National Defense Studies.Mr. Hubert Falco, mayor of Toulon, former minister, also relayed our request on behalf of the City of Toulon.

Var Matin 18-10-18
Var Matin 14 10 2018.png
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The Republic of the Center / Republican Yonne October 15, 2018

Yonne republicaine 2018 10 15.jpg
Le Courier Picard 2018 10 26.jpg
Aujourdhui en France 2018 11 01.jpg
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