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Ceremonies on the occasion of the discovery of Minerva

September 14 and 15, 2019

On September 14 and 15 in Toulon, 2 ceremonies were held to follow up on the discovery of the wreck of the Minerve 8 weeks earlier. These ceremonies had been proposed by Mrs. Parly Minister of the Armed Forces.

It was organized jointly by the Préfecture Maritime and the Rubis section of the AGASM. Thérèse Scheirmann-Descamps and Jean-Pierre Trouboul  spared neither their time nor their efforts for this one.

Ceremony of September 14 in Toulon

After a religious service at the St Jean Bosco church, a ceremony in 2 stages took place in front of the National Monument of the Submariners. First speeches then laying of wreaths in front of the monument.

Speech by Dominique Salles, President of the AGASM delivered by Patrick Meulet 

Speech by Mr. Hervé Fauve on behalf of the families

Speech by Alain Paquet, former member of La Minerve on behalf of the former sailors of La Minerve

Speech by Admiral Laurent Isnard Maritime Prefect

Speech by Mr. Hubert Falco - Mayor of Toulon

Ceremony at sea directly below the wreck

On Sunday aboard the Tonnerre helicopter carrier, an intimate ceremony for families only was held at sea directly below the wreck. 250 family members representing 38 of them gathered  for a unique and solemn tribute in the presence of the highest authorities of the Navy. The absent families had not been able to make the trip, almost all of the times for health reasons. They were present by health.


  • Ms. Florence Parly Minister for the Armed Forces

  • Admiral Christophe Prazuck Chief of Naval Staff

  • Admiral Laurent Isnard Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean

  • Admiral Bernard Antoine Morio de L'Isle ALFOST (Commander of the submarine forces)

  • Admiral Jean-Philippe Rolland ALFAN (commander of the naval action force)

The President of the Republic was represented

Right above the wreckage, 4 speeches were delivered:

Speech by Mr. Hervé Fauve on behalf of the families

Speech by Mrs Nicole Allagnon fiancée of Pierre Ampen benjamin de la  Minerve

Speech by Miss Marie Agnus granddaughter of Lieutenant Jean Agnus

Speech by Mrs. Florence Parly Minister for the Armed Forces

Sheaves were thrown into the sea and then each family was represented by one of their own  to throw a rose into the sea.

The Minister then discussed at length with the various families. 


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