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Message from Admiral Dominique Salles

President of the AGASM pronounced

by Patrick Meulet

On behalf of the AGASM,


this short statement from our National President
500 days ago, for a fifty-year-old, we met here, with you, families of our comrades from La Minerve.

Day of remembrance, this January 28 made it possible to honor your loved ones, our elders and to en keep a living memory through these words :

" Here, off Toulon, cross stitch on their grave but, on the short waves hemmed of frail foam, you will see white caps in well-ordered rows, which climb the guard, who are still watching over us ». 

This underlined the ignorance of a place, the absence of a tomb.
Today, our presence has a greater resonance : to the satisfaction of knowing where our elders rest, happiness is added -yes happiness and the word n is not too strong, de see grouped together, in even greater numbers than on January 28, 2018, their relatives the
dearest : yourself, you family “ Minerve ”.

500 days

To pass from a vague, painful and solitary memory, to the truth, palpable then
now lasting, of intimate reunions with your departed.
To see the amplification of discoveries and links between families, until then and for much, unknown to each other.

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