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Correspondences of this site with the book "Finding Minerva"

For the cost of the book to remain reasonable, it was impossible to illustrate it as many would have liked.

You will nevertheless find to follow, for each chapter, a link to the pages of this site which illustrate the said chapter, or, exceptionally, specially created pages.

The book and the site do not have the same purpose and there is not always a correspondence between one and the other. The site will present more graphics and documents but provides less explanation than the book.

Attention navigation between the pages of the site by the arrows at the bottom of the pages of the site does not correspond to the chapters, use the back button if you want to return to this page

Couverture avec prix littéraires.png
  • Crew Call  p9 

see"The Crew"​

  • I turn off the light... p15

No match

  • A new leader   p21

The new commander​

  • See you next week p27

No match​​

  • Good job  p33

see"The members of  the crew"with details for each sailor

  • Seven degrees, like champagne p39

Slideshow Paris-Match for the photos of the 1967 report

Report broadcast on television

  • Exercise canceled p47

The last exchanges

  • Prosubmiss p57

The triggering of the alert

  • Report! p63

Same as previous chapter 

  • What little hope...p69

Information of relatives

The survivors

  • From disappointed hope to disappointed hope p77

Search operations

End of research

  • Come on, let's publish! p87

TV and press media

Press January 28

Press January 29

Press January 30

Press January 31

Press February 1

Press February 2

Information videos from 1968

  • A pact with danger p93

The ceremony​

The ceremony in the press

  • A strong gesture p99

Same as previous chapter 

  • Too good boats p105

investigative committee

Confidential report

Complementary confidential report

Rudder damage scenario

  • Sweet talk p111

No match

  • A detective novel p113

Other assumptions

A member of the committee says

  • Widowed at 17 p121

No match​

  • Codename: Reminer p125

Fall 68 research

Searches summer 69

Research April 70

  • Dad is on a trip p135

No match

  • From masses to balls p139

Atmosphere in the navy​

Oral testimony

Corrective actions

Snorkeling scenario

  • Neither forgive nor forget p145

No match

  • Maintain the flame p153

No match

  • Don't search! p157

No match

  • From Kursk to Minerva p161

Controversies after 2000

  • Photos of the wreckage p165

No match

  • Sunk by a p173 missile

No match

  • To gather p179

National Submariner Monument

  • This time I'll be there p181

The defense secret​

  • A half-century ! p185

No match

  • A site, a speech and a letter    p191

50th anniversary​

  • Double page    p197

50th anniversary in the press

  • In the name of all    p199

Same as previous pages

  • The fight of a son    p205

No match

  • Folder is not empty    p211


Minerve archives visit

  • Resume searches?    p217

No match

  • Headlines    p221

Media repercussions

Open letter to the elected officials of the Var

  • Expose your grief    p227

Submarine Day 2018

Today's TV news

  • A legitimate request    p233

Resumption of research

  • Nothing will stop us anymore    p241

Family information meeting

  • A fresh look    p245

Research program July 2019

  • The Seabed on stage    p251

Seabed​ Constructor

  • July 21, 6:05 p.m.

Minerve discovery video(Youtube- the discovery occurs 15° minute of the video)

  • Three letters in red    p263

Discovery of Minerva

  • Around the world    p269

No match​ -Search on the internet

  • Two poignant and salutary days    p273

Discovery Ceremony

  • Death in the Face   p277

Wreck de la Minerve

  • You're going to dive!    p281

Deposit plate​

  • A noise on the port side    p287

No match​


The authors Léonard Lièvre and Hervé Fauve 

Photo @Antoine Lievre

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