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1st anniversary of the discovery of the wreck de la Minerve
July 21, 2020

On July 21, 2020, on the initiative of Mrs. Thérèse SCHEIRMANN-DESCAMPS, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the discovery of the wreckage, a ceremony was held in front of the national monument of submarines. sailors in Toulon.


Mme Thérèse SCHEIRMANN-DESCAMPS read the following message:.


All those present at the ceremony (Photo Francis Jacquot)

Hi there,

Thank you for coming with me, your presence means a lot to me.

On January 27, 1968, the submarine MINERVE disappeared, leaving 52 families in total distress.

I very regularly sent letters,   remained unanswered‌, to the various Ministers of the Armed Forces, to resume  the Minerva research. Hervé Fauve and Christophe Agnus have invested a lot in these approaches.

On January 27, 2018 we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of the submarine MINERVE, thanks to the intervention,  with the military authorities, of our national president Admiral Dominique Salles.

The local and national press followed us and allowed us to reiterate a new request to the Minister of the Armies Florence Parly who invited Hervé Fauve and Christophe Agnus to Paris to talk about it, the families having
all signed a letter to that effect.

The location of the San Juan submarine that disappeared during this period made our request admissible with the Minister of the Armed Forces, she gave her agreement. A generous American patron volunteered to carry out this work
with the assistance of Ifremer. 

ON JULY 21, 2019 LA MINERVE WAS LOCATED 45km from Toulon. 
Hervé Fauve called me in the evening to let me know.   I felt a great relief, finally I knew where  rest my husband and his comrades, after 51 years of waiting.

Hervé Fauve deposited a plaque, our MESSAGE,   on the wreck of the MINERVE.   Intense and painful moment for him.

On September 14, the ceremonies took place in Toulon, bringing together all the families. On September 15, aboard the "Tonnerre" we paid a last tribute to the crew of the MINERVE at the place of their disappearance.
Accompanied by my daughter Patricia, both of us were finally able to grieve.
Today I wanted to collect myself at the monument of the submariners, as it is customary to do a year after des funeral.
I renew my thanks to you, friends, members of the office and standard bearers.


Mrs. Scheirmann-Descamps (Photo Francis Jacquot)


 (Photo Francis Jacquot)


 (Photo Francis Jacquot)

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