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Speech by Katia Friquet, grand-niece of Jacques M alarm

I am a great niece of Jackes M alarm, I am currently a trainee of the PMM of Troyes, a marine military preparation. Hence my outfit today.

To you Jack, our brother, our uncle, our great-uncle.
We pay tribute to you a second time this June 9, 2018 in your childhood village. 50 years this year, that you are part of the marine world, in your second home made of iron, screws, and bolts, with your second family for whom you granted so much importance.
The sea took you as a child with all those brave men who had the same goals as you. The big blue has left a terrible scar in our hearts since this inexplicable tragedy. You passed away with dignity, courage and bravery for your country, your family and the people you loved.
On this day, I allow myself to say with pride and honor these few words for you, even if I never had the chance to know you like many of us present at this hour. But we are proud of your success, I speak on behalf of your whole family who are present this Saturday to above all pay tribute to you and to inaugurate your name on a street in La Digue des Leschères. This place, where you liked to find yourself alone with the fauna and flora and this little corner of water that allowed you to escape with your thoughts.
In memory of you Jack.


Miss Katia Friquet reading her speech

Speech by Colyne M alarm, grand-niece of Jacques M alarm

Who was Jacques MAI,ARME?

For a long time, the maternal branch of our family has counted in its ranks members of the National Navy, among others his great-uncle Commander FARCI; Battalion Commander in the Marine Infantry. Holder of several military medals, a pantheon of the Legion of Honor and numerous citations.

To a certain extent, he served as an example to him.

Already very young, he was attracted by what had to do with the Navy, especially by submarines, of which he read all the books and watched the films, followed the stories that retraced life on board and their acts of war. during the conflicts in which we participated.

A mathematician and accomplished mechanic, it was only natural that he decided to join the submariner corps in order to make a career there, but fate decided otherwise.

Anyway, rest in peace to you and the crew of the submarine La Minerve.

We are thinking of you, your memory is preserved, if you were still with us, I'm sure you would be happy to learn that one of your little nieces has just joined the French Navy's health service.

Miss Colyne M alarm alongside her grandfather, Gérard, brother of Jacques M alarm

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