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Speech by Mr. Christel Mathieu Mayor of Wassy

I welcome you all to the Wassy dike and first of all I would like to thank for their presence:

  • Captain Joseph Remy

  • the son of the commander of the Minerva,

  • the detachment of sailors and the representatives of former sailors, Mrs Gillet, Mr Belbezier, who do us the honor of coming to Wassy,

  • Mrs. Marie-Cécile Couaillier, principal of the Paul Claudel college, Mr. Thiébaux and Mrs. Leseur, teacher

  • the college students who prepared the biography of Jacques M alarm

  • Philippe Bossois, President of the agglomeration

  • Lawrence Governor

And above all, I would like to thank the family of Jacques M alarm who accepted that the city organize this Remembrance event and who came in large numbers. I especially thank Jacques' brother and sister.

I send you the apologies of:

  • Admiral Pierre Perrier (in very poor health),

  • Admiral Paul Habert, who is not currently in Wassy and would have liked to take part in this ceremony

  • Madam the Sub-Prefect of Saint-Dizier,

  • Ms Élisabeth Robert-Dehault, Mayor of Saint-Dizier,

  • Ms. Anne Leduc, Departmental Councillor,

Half a century has passed since the disappearance of La Minerve, but for the family it is a painful memory and it will remain so. The M alarm family should be proud of Jacques and it seems important to me that the people of Wassy remember or learn that one of their own disappeared during a mission. And, what could be more explicit than a street bearing his name?

We chose this street which was redone last year. It starts the tour of the Digue des Leschères, a place where Jacques often came and which he was particularly fond of.

Of course, there isn't a lot of water at the moment, but there will be in two years and then the walkers from Wassy, the surrounding area and the tourists will be more and more numerous. They will see the name Jacques MALARME and wonder. Who is this character ?

The campsite will have rue Jacques M alarm as its address and this name will be exported throughout the region and beyond.

I am moved to see the Navy, the College, the personalities of our sector and the Municipality gathered today. This shows the importance of this moment.

I thank again the detachment of the navy, which came from Brest, as well as all the people present.

We are now going to listen to the college students who are going to introduce us to Jacques M alarm.

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M. Christel Mathieu maire de Wassy 

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