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Testimonies at the end  of 51 years of interrogations 

You will find below testimonials from letters, interviews  raised by the discovery of Minerva.

Only the names of people who publicly posted their comments are shown. When these testimonials were not visible on the Internet, only the first name is indicated.


Charles Henri du Che

Maritime Prefect during the discovery -Interview published in Cols Bleus  produced on the occasion of his retirement

CB : What do you remember from your mandate which is coming to an end?
VA C. - HDC :  On a human level, the event that marked me most at the end of my command was the successful search for the submarine Minerve which disappeared in 1968. The resumption of the search, decided by the Minister of the Armed Forces on the fiftieth anniversary of this tragedy, was entrusted to me and I am happy to have been able to locate what is now a maritime burial ground. The families I met on several occasions needed it to complete their mourning. I am really moved to have been able to contribute to this, just before leaving my command.

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